Individual and leadership coaching

   Individual leadership/management coaching is offered as a way to:

  • Identify potential leaders
  • Maximize chance of success
  • Identify self-defeating behavior and hone strengths  
  • Identify useful communication patterns 
  • Enhance win/win and “synergistic” solutions at home and at work  

Leadership/Management feedback loop

 Use 360 degree feedback to help evaluate areas of potential strength and weakness 

  • Discover how you and your colleagues perform in areas of general leadership and management; and/or tailor the process to measure potential in specific components of importance to your organization  


  • Measure your own or somebody else’s personal level of motivation to make a specific or important change
  • Learn techniques to support the change process in designated areas based on motivational level   


  • Communication gurus tell us that a person’s perception is a person’s reality  
  • In one morning, learn to identify up to 720 possible ways people perceive life and work, using a validated instrument that has been employed by NASA for decades. 
  • Learn how to alter your language to help increase your own and your colleagues’ energy and potential in one afternoon  
  • Discover why people seen to “change personality” and how to alter your communication style to maximize potential based these changes  

Communication Skills

  • Learn how to hone your communication skills by identifying another person’s frame of reference; and use specific formulas to reduce potential for unwanted behavior 
  • Discover how to improve the likelihood of restoring desired behaviors
  • Learn about different personality parts and the clues they can give you to help you manage effectively
  • Learn about channels of communication and when to use each channel
  • Learn which management style to use with different people